sábado, março 27, 2010

Wittgenstein & Carroll

Duas passagens de I Think, Therefore I Laugh:

Both men were concerned with nonsense, logical confusion, and language puzzles—although [...] Wittgenstein was tortured by these things, whereas Carroll was, or at least appeared to be, delighted by them. (The relation between the two men is similar in this latter respect to that between Soren Kierkegaard and Woody Allen: same concerns, different approaches.) (p. 4)

Wittgenstein, for example, was tormented by the fact that a person does not talk about having a pain in his shoe, even though he may have a pain in his foot and his foot is in his shoe. Carroll, had he thought of it, probably would have written of shoes so full of pain that they had to be hospitalized. (p. 7)

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